How to Start a Website - Register a New Domain and Hosting

So, you are planning a new website, possibly the first one?

Great news! Congratulations with your business or hobby.

Now, without much introduction, let's jump into what you need to do to get your website within 24 hours.

Step 1: Register a new domain

Step 2: Getting a hosting

Step 3: Configuring name server

Let's discuss in details each of the step.

Step 1: Register a new domain

A domain name is your website address, or link, or url (Uniform Resource Locator), whichever name you know it with.

For example, my domain name is

Remember, only this part of the website is the domain. Not www. or http:// or https://

Now, you need to first "own" a domain name, that will be yours.

Out of thousands of domain name registrer, my favorite is GoDaddy (click to open).

Why? I will tell later in this article.

1.1. Once you are there, search for the domain name you want to register.

Does it say Domain Available? Congratulations! You can own it. But hey, as the domain is available, anyone else can own it anytime. So please act a little quick here, and get the domain fast. Add it to your cart and go to your cart.

But wait, here is something domain registrer tricks you with.

To avoid bill shock, validate these things carefully.

Privacy Protection
When you register a domain, your contact informations becomes publicly available. If you want to hide it, you can opt for this.

Create an email address
No need at all. We will have email addresses created for free.

Also, there will be offers to add similar domain names. So review your cart well before entering your payment information.

Once you have made the payment, it will take a few hours to complete the registration.

You are likely to see other offers after you have paid. You may explore these, or start with the next step.

If you try op open your website now, you are likely to see something like this:

It is because the domain is not pointing to any server files. So let's do that.

Step 2: Getting a hosting

Now that you have your domain registered, you need to point it to a server where all your website files and data will be stored securely. For this, you need to get a hosting. Again, there are many hosting service providers out there, but my favorite is InterServer (click to open).

There are different types of hosting available. To start with a website, it is enough to get a Standard Hosting. I know there are a lot of drawbacks with it, but you are just starting it. It will probably take a few months to make your website going available for public. So why pay more at the begginning when we can upgrade anytime.


It will ask if you want to register a domain or already have a domain. Choose the second as you have already registered one.

You will need to fill up the sign up information and pay for the hosting.

You will receive an email similar to this:

Make a note of the name servers. We will need it later.

Step 3: Configuring name server

Log in to your GoDaddy account.

Click on DNS next to your domain name.

Find the section with Name Server

Select "Custom Name Servers"

Copy-paste the name servers you got from InterServer and save the changes.

Tadaaaa! You are all done. It will take a few minutes to hours to propagate the name servers. Now you are ready to build your website.

If you are stuck anywhere and need a hand, I am always here to help.

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