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Sometimes you need more than a portfolio. You need more features, more functionality. You need MORE... That is where our service comes. With our expertise in custom coding it is possible to build almost anything what browsers can run. Give us your requirement.. in a text file, in hand sketch, or in psd and get your website ready.

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P.s. Well, we'll not disappoint you if you need a portfolio or limited features and functionality ;-)

Our Services

Website Design

A website is the first and foremost requirement for your business. Be it a start up or an industry giant, it business need a website. Your business website is not only the most useful to get customer, but also adds a level of trust among the customers. Your website is the most effective showcase to reach customers worldwide and let them want the product or service you offer.
Custom coded websites

Our biggest strength is our custom coded websites! We write every piece of code to attain very specific requirement from you which may not be possible with website builders or templates. With our expertise in HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and other web languages there is nothing that we cannot build.

CMS Built Websites

Though we prefer hand-made website building, we cannot deny the ease of CMS. If you prefer using a CSM built website so that you can modify it at your convenience we can give you that too. Moreover, we can build a website with custom codes to implement all the requirement and convert it to a CMS powerd website too.

Website Maintenance

After we deliver you a website you may like to have part of you website changed, or add some feature. It is free for 6 months. After that we do not force any annual maintenance charge. If something needs to be done, we charge according to the job.

Website Hosting

We provide you reliable web hosting where you can host your website. You'll have full access and control on your files, email, database and everything of your website. Out hosting service provider gives 99.9% uptime with unlimited storage and bandwidth.

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Graphics Design

Graphics is an integral part of website. For all the website related graphics design will be taken care by us. In case you need graphics design for solo purpose, i.e. without a website, we provide them too. You can ask us to design you a business card, a logo, a invitation card or anything and we'll deliver them to you with your full satisfaction.
Graphics for Website

You'll need some cover art design, modified social media icons and other design works for your website.

Logo Design

You need a logo. A logo is not only a graphical work but a tiny representative of your business or even hobby.

Flyers and Posters

If you are into a business, you may need to reach people directly by displaying posters or handing over flyers.

Business Cards

Get professional and amazing Business card or Personal visiting card.

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