Arka's Digital Studio is an initiative by a group of professionals and freelancers to deliver high quality websites, graphics and other services to people around the world.
If you are looking for anything designed for yourself or your company.. a website, a brochure, business card or anything else, you are in the perfect place. Please have a look in our sample pages and place your order. We have certain experience in personal and professional website development. We also provide hosting services.
We'll call you or mail you to discuss the details.

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Our Services

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web design

Website Development

Starts from $50 USD

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graphics design

Graphics Design

Starts from $10 USD

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other services

Other services

Starts from $35 USD

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Complete business package Order now

full business package

With our Complete Business Package You'll get all the things that you need to start your own business.

Starts from: $300 USD, no hidden cost

Package contains:

  1. One complete website
  2. Your personal business card (100 piece print and delivery within India)
  3. Business brochure (25 piece print and delivery within India)
  4. Website hosting for 1 year
  5. Advertisement on Google for 2 months
  6. Free maintenance for 6 months


full business - website

A website is the first and foremost requirement for your business. Every business need a website. Your business website is not only the most useful to get customer, but also adds a level of trust among the customers. A business without a permanent website leaves a fishy impression that the initiative is not solid. Customers want to see how serious are you about your business.

Business card

full business - business card

Let everyone you know and everyone you meet know about the great thing you are doing. Whenever you see someone, hand them your business card. That is how you spread words.


full business - brocure

Soon enough you'll meet people for one service and they would like to know other things you are doing. A piece of paper straight in their hand will drive them seek what you offer.

Website hosting

full business - hosting

Once you have your website developed, you need a host to make it live. Purchasing individual hosting is costly, so we have purchased an unlimited plan where we can offer our customer to host their websites. Where mane web hosts shows tempting captions like hosting@$2 per month, individual purchased ends up with paying more because in many cases that price does not include either or all of domain name registration, site security, data backup. We offer everything of these to our customers free for one year, and after that only $40 per year.


full business - advertisement

Once you have your business ready, you need to attract customers. Nothing does that better than an ad on Google. Whenever people search for a keyword that we provide, your page link will come to the top of the search result. You can choose which country or area you want the ad to be shown, which hour it should be present. We have everything set in Google. Once your website is ready, we'll start advertising. Our business package includes two months of advertising. If you want to continue, it is just $2 per month.


full business - maintenance

You may like to have part of you website changed, or add some feature. It is also included for 6 months. After that we do not force any annual maintenance charge. If something needs to be done, we charge according to the job... from $10 to $50 each time.

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Why Us
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Custom Websites

Our biggest strength is our hand-made websites! Most of the developers now a days are too dependent on Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress to build websites. While these CMS gives pre-built themes for drag-and-drop website building, in most of the cases they end up with a too much mainstream website. The CMS makes website building easy, meaning easy work for good money. But you hardly get scope to make it on your own way. We say "Don't fit in, stand out". There are thousands of websites out there.. appearing very same! Try our custom built websites. We manually code every single page of all the websites, which makes it out-of-box. We give lifetime maintenance and upgrading to all our customers with very reasonable price. And for your safety, we send you invoice only after making your website running live on a global server.

CMS Built Websites

Though we prefer hand-made website building, we cannot deny the ease of CMS. Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla... they really make life easy. If you prefer using a CSM built website that you can change simply selecting a different theme, or you already have a CMS built website that you want to modify, we have experts for that purpose as well.

Expert Graphics Designers

We offer a wide range of graphics designs. We are expert in:
  • Logo
  • Business card
  • PSD Website mockup
  • Book cover
  • Landing page
  • Website cover
  • Flyer
  • Door Hanger

Professionals in ETL and Reporting

Arka's Digital Studio was started by am Employee of a multinational IT company, in which his role was Data warehouse builder. He has strong understanding in Informatica PowerCenter and other Informatica products. His team members are expert in reporting tools like Qlikview, Tableau, SSRS. If you are an individual, or an industry, you can rely on the quality of services we provide. We also focus on performance improvement because we have seen that only correct coding is not enough, speed also matters when playing with data.

Website hosting

Your website needs a host. With our reseller web hosting we provide you reliable web hosting where you can host your website. With cPanel we provide you can manage your files, email, database and everything of your website.

Transparent budget

Once we receive your order, we contact you through your preferred communication medium. After discussing the details of the work we set a budget. This is the final money you'll have to pay unless we discuss any change in work with you that may need a change in budget. We do not apply any tax or transaction fees. We bear all those costs so that you can peacefully place your order.

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Contact Us
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Thank you for contacting us. We review each of the mails thoroughly. We shall reach back to you if needed.

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